Monday, February 21, 2011

Style Files: 2.11: How to Jewelry-Style, looks to love, Jewelmint & Kate Bosworth.

There is nothing more interesting on a woman than a piece of jewelry, at least to myself I think. Jewelry is the way that I find my self expression these days. It creates a very personal application of style not readily available in any other category in terms of "what we wear".

As of late, more than just the jewelry I find the styling of them create a more interesting lure to the eye. Layering diffrent finishes and textures, mixing fashion and real pieces yet keeping an aesthetically pleasing appeal. Above are a few pieces and looks that I love and have come across.

The Keys to Jewelry Styling:

1. There are NO hard and Fast Rules.
Gone are the days that you can only wear certain metals or finishes with one another or fashion pieces separate from real pieces.

2. If there is one thing you should abide by it is only Personal Style.

3. Think Organic versus structured.
Choose pieces that speak to you rather than very "runway-specific" pieces.

4. Do not be afraid to layer.

5. Experiment. Experiment. Experiment.

6. Get in the MIX.
Fashion and real pieces. Gold, White Gold, Sterling Silver, Metals-anything goes.

7. Keep proportions visually pleasing
and everything else is a free for all!

Jewelry Style Trend:

1. Dainty over Overwhelming.

2. Delicate over structured.

3. Intricate

4. Interesting pieces over overtly embellished pieces.

5. Vintage or eclectic pieces that tell a story. (Handed down pieces with new pieces.)

Jewelmint the collaboration of celebrity Kate Bosworth and stylist Cher Coultre is an amazing testament to above styling and jewelry trends. Ecclectic, personal and individual are some of the key words that come to mind when faced with the look of the jewelry line. In comparison to all that is out there, the appeal of the line stems from its sophisticated approach to individualizing jewelry design. The jewelry line's website extends this very individualistic approach to style by first having the client answer a series of fashion or style- related questions in hopes of handpicking certain pieces which would appeal specifically to the one consumer.

I am elated in having had stumbled upon Jewlemint and expected no less from who to me is one of the most stylish celebrities out there Ms. Kate Bosworth.

I hope these give a little insight on current Jewelry trends, styles and styling and helps make accessorizing and beautifying your daily wardrobes a much, much more enjoyable task!

-Cristina of beautejunkie

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